Saturday, October 06, 2007

a bit ramadanish..

as many of you know yom kippur coincided this year with ramadan (beginning to see a pattern here lol)..

during yom kippur we fast.. we refrain from procreation.. we dont drink.. dont use perfume and dont wear leather..

this year the fast began at around 5pm on the friday and finished at around 6.20 pm on saturday.. just over 25 hours..

it has become very popular to fast these days in israel.. even for secular people.. the tradition in it.. the spirituality.. the sense of community are amazing.. and the serenity of ignoring your daily needs is very cleansing..

the kids fill the streets on bicycles and roller blades and people stroll the roads as if no car ever existed except to decorate the side walk..

this year after breaking the fast at my grandmother's house (which my family tends to do with a special drink my mother makes out of fresh apple juice into which she sprinkles crushed pecan nuts and almonds.. pommegranite seeds.. a little vanilla.. a little cinammon.. a little bit of lemon juice and mayet zahar..) i went to a friend's place where a bunch of us got together with special sweets that out grandmothers had made..

it was awesome.. there were fresh fruit slices (nectarine.. mellon and mango) moroccan cakes.. hand made truffles.. cheeses.. cakes.. angel hair (thinly shred halva) and various different types of wine..

the atonement.. the reflection.. the communal experience of the rythm slowing down and then rejuvinating.. seems to be something we all share..

we have now finished our festive season.. new years eve - yom kippur and succot..

i take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful year and may peace salam and shalom rest on all of us..


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Lirun said...

have we just been spammed?


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Indeed we have been!

I love the drinks you put up on the blog, the coolest recipees!

And a peaceful and happy year to you too my friend :)

Lirun said...

can you believe we have been friends for exactly a year now?!?!

Shaykhspeara said...

That is so true, I didn't think of that :)

Thanks for a year of personal growth and expansion of perspective my friend!

Lirun said...

i could try to thank you but all words would pale..