Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Opening Doors Beyond Ramadan

I am so delighted that this blog will remain open all year around! I an extremely honored to have had the opportunity to join with a wonderful, diverse and intelligent group of individuals, in celebrating Ramadan this year. I hope to continue engaging with all of you in discussions about Islam and cultural diversity.

I would love to see this blog contribute to the discussion of a new, more equitable, analysis of Islam throughout the world, and establish a more productive and constructive lens through which to approach Islam and Muslim cultures - as opposed to the ahistorical and fossilized conceptions of Islam that is often articulated through the Western lens.

I am particularly interested in new themes arising with an eye to Islamic Feminism, as well as cross-cultural and interfaith feminist dialogue.

Any thoughts?

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Destitute Rebel said...

Kathrin it was amazing to have you join us this year at the ramadan kareem blog, and good to see you contributing towards its "open all year round" goal. That is the goal to have articles that give a true picture of what Islam really is. Topics like peace, respect, diversity and feminism among many others will be brought for our readers. I just visited the diversity project and it an amazing project, hope to follow it.