Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eid Announced in Pakistan

The Pakistani government quite literally announced the sighting of the moon at the eleventh hour, people had relaxed and left thier last minute chores and shopping for tomorrow when at around 8pm it was announced that moon had not been sighted and Eid was most likely to be on the 2nd, but at 11pm when the sighting of the moon was announced on TV channels, everyone went scrambling to the markets for shopping. Its 2 am now and the streets and shops are full of people, sweet shops and bakeries are sold out and everyone is out there finishing their last minute shopping.

I wish all the visitors of this blog a very happy Eid from Pakistan, hope your ramadan went well and wish you all the best on Eid.

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Holy Quran said...

Eid is a festival after Ramadan. Muslims prepare new cloths and dishes for the celebration of this day. The most important in this day is that people meet each other and celebrate it together.