Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ramadan Kareem Blog

Hello Readers,
Over the last four years Ramadan Kareem Blog has established itsself as the premiere blog on the internet presenting our visitors with information about Ramadan. Our authors from all over the world include individuals who update our readers with news, pictures and recipies from all over the world relating to ramadan. We have pictures that show how ramadan is celebrated around the world.

With this post I would like to invite people from all over to write about their experiences of ramadan on this blog. If you would like to join the panel of great writers sharing their experience with the world feel free to email me at or and I would be happy to send a blogger invite your way.

This blog intends to be a source of information for everyone. A place where people can share their experience and discuss their faith in a peaceful and informative way. All views are welcome and encouraged as long as they are reasonable and informative.

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Quran said...

Ramadan is a blessed month from ALLAH. ALLAH said 'This month is better than thousands of months'. We obey ALLAH in this month and fasting in Ramadan teaches us how to spend our life according to ALLAH.