Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sighting of the Moon

I dont know if you people are aware of the news that is circulating in U.A.E nowdays about the mistake in the sighting of the moon for the start of ramzan. According to some people the ramzan was started one day before than it should have and now the question arrises if the moon is of 30 days than we in UAE will have 31 roza's. Any idea what is done in such a situation. I mean do we keep 31 roza's and take the first one as nafal and the next 30 as faraz?


kaya said...

I have been in the Middle East now at least 30 years. This one I have heard many times during these years.
This a typical middle eastern URBAN LEGEND.
Its circulated by some bright spark every year at some stage much like a chain mail.
Just as we depend on our hosts to provide us with halaal food, (at the end of the day its only their word) likewise any other decisions have to be followed as per their judgement. They bear the responsibility.
Kinda like the 2 people who told CG about the adhaan prior to the actual adhaan taking place.
So if such an event were to occur, the moon sighting committe would have to offer an apology, and then a penalty would have to be paid by them.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that too.. well to tell you the truth i believe we fasted early (if you started on Saturday) as my astrological calander tells me..

This happens a lot, and the way to fix it is to have Ramadan as 30 days, then Shawwal as 30 days etc.. till the balance is restored. A Muslim month cannot be 31 days.