Saturday, October 07, 2006


First an apology for being away from the blog, like a few others i was also away to Pakistan for a small trip.
It was after a long time that i got a chance to spend some days of ramzan in Lahore, Pakistan. The experience was a good one as far as food was concerend as a got a chance to eat a lot of heavy and oily food. But my general feeling was of dissapointment.
When i landed at 6:00 Am in the morning at the airport people were pushing to get ahead in the immigration line, that is acceptable as we Pakistanis are fast mvoing people and can not go by the slow system. Anyway when i reached the luggage collection point and was waiting for the luggage i saw a man having his morning smoke. I thought i must have mis calculated the Fajr timing but i did not. He was smoking during the ramdan timming and no one seemed to mind it.
This was not the only time i saw people having something to eat or smoke. Than what was disappointing was the general attitude of people towards ramzan, First people were not into keeping fast as it was not possible for them during work. They got pain in the head or something else. Than Beer or Vodaka (I did not see but heard) is a good way of opening your fast. Than the dressing of girls just put a stamp on you fast. They were dressed head to toe and what was neither a shalwar kameez nor a western shirt and trouser. It was all very very upsetting and confusing. May God guide us in the right path


kaya said...

This how it is written. How the end draws nearer.
Allah rehamm karray.
LOL @ Lahoris being homesick.
My husband has also gone for 4 days, as he has not spent ramadan with his parents for many years.

Jaydee said...

Well i wud say you have a very good observation on what people do around you during this holy month,but do u know that you cannot force some one to fast,just because its the month of ramadan.
Middle east is a muslim state and i m sure you know what goes around in there,even in the month of ramadan a lot of activities are still on,dear next time when you go home bring back some good memories to share with us all and post it here so that you advertise a positive feeling about the place where you were born.
This is my free advice to you.
Happy Ramadan !

kaya said...

@ Jaydee
Its not a matter of negative or positive. Its a matter of reality.
What do you want that we paint flowery pictures?
What exactly do you mean force someone to fast?
If people were aware of their religious responsibilities, these issue would never surface.
A person who is incapable of respecting himself as a muslim, what will he respect any one else.
Theres really no need to be so patronising, some of us come from a generation where values, morals and ethics were more important then being COOL, CHILLED OUT, LIVE and LET LIVE. Ey?

RIJJU said...

ditto to kaya. We need to realize that we are becoming too complacent about our religion and need to tighten up rules and regulations for our future generations if we want to be even close to our religion