Monday, October 09, 2006


maybe a simple question but what is you stand on brushing your theeth in the morning during fasting. I am of the view that you can brush but i dont do it as am not sure and get varied views of it.


Anonymous said...

salamu aleikoum
many scholars said it's okay as long as no water gets in your throat

Ojay said...

Sallam Aleikum,
I dont either, but wat i do is to brush before i take my suhoor. I think its better that way, so you wont be in doubt.

Teeth Maestro said...

Well Im a dentist, but not an Islamic scholar, my opinion is straight forward. The ritual of Ramadan is your niyat with Allah, has nothing to do with what you can and cannot do. If you intend to break the fast with brushing then it will be broken, but on the other hand I feel brushing is essential either miswak or a plain toothbrush (without toothpaste).

princess said...

assalamu alaikumm

I suppose its best to stay away from toothpaste? You brush and rinse. Allahu Alam

Adnan Siddiqi said...

Aoa friends

I have started doig Miswak which I bought from Saudia arabia.

I have started miswak recently. iTs a great experience. I do once after getting up before offering Tahajud since it's very beneificial.

sincwe we have our family dentist Awab around. I would request him to make some post on this site by using his experience about miswak and how its different that tooth brushing. Thanks

Checkmate said...

When in doubt see what your heart says. I stop eating five minutes before sehri ends and brush my teeth before Azaan. I have heared many Hanafi Mufti's declare that we should no put any thing with taste in our mouth while fasting, so tooth paste is pretty much out. We can use Miswak (preferably a dry one and not a fresh juicy one), no one has an issue with that. But the best thing for me is to brush and use a good stong mouth wash before I start my fast. Works for me.

boo! said...

I know miswak is allowed during fasting... even preferred as a Sunnah. And I would encourage people to try it. I have had extremely seneitive teeth all my life and brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush was all I could do to keep the aches at bearable levels. Started miswak last year and all problems vanished within weeks!

It does depend on what you use though. In Saudia, the roadside vendors are generally selling some desert root, which I have used. It is amazing.

Coming to the original question, since miswak is allowed while fasting, I do not have any doubt in my mind about using a plain toothbrush. I beleive it is allowed. I would avoid the toothpaste while fasting though (use it at night?).

RIJJU said...

i agree that miswak is a better option but my question is can we do toothpast, if we do not have miswak. Fasting does not stop us from keeping ourselves clean. True?

clayfuture said...

I get up at 8.00 to go to work and brush my teeth with toothpaste. I have no intention to break my fast and God knows I mean it. So whatever, I use toothpaste and do my normal hygiene as usual.

Musafir said...

I endorse clayfuture's comment here. If the niyyat while brushing the teeth is not to break the fast, there is absolutely no wrong done.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

It is not the niyyat not to break the fast that makes brushing teeth allowed.

With that reasoning I could say, I eat a cinnamon bun but my niyyah is not to break my fast. It is broken nevertheless? Wether my niyyah is to break it or not.

The general ruling on toothpaste is, you can brush your teeth, with tooth paste, as long as you rinse your mouth so throughly as to not get any foreign particles (paste) in your stomach.

The taste of toothpaste does not break your fast. Just as tasting food, and then rinsing it off while cooking (eg. to check salt amounts) is permitted, the same would apply here with toothpaste.

The argument about niyyah here is not relevant at all. Somethings are allowed, whatever your niyyah is, and somethings are not allowed, regardless of your niyyah. Toothpaste and brushing is allowed as long as you rinse it all away.

happy brushing!

Lirun said...

strictly speaking on yom kippur you're not supposed to.. but i always disliked the smelly breath synagogue thing and find it distracting..

i personally opt for brushing with no toothpaste and using mouth wash..

call it modernising..


Anonymous said...

Since someone commented on the Jewish practice, I thought I would comment on the Orthodox Christian practice just as an FYI :) Complete fasts (no food or water) are called for preceding every communion from midnight till after service (or at least 7 hours if it is an evening service) and other times of the year including the first week of Lent and Holy Week. Tooth brushing is allowed, but no swallowing of water or paste.

For more on Orthodox Christian Fasting:

Musafir said...

Thanx SS for the clarification. I had actually meant to explain the niyyat part further but had to cut short my entry. I never meant it come out the way it shows on the post. You are absolutely right. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

WOW, majoring in the minors, pole vaulting over mouse turds. Don't you guys have anything better to worry about??? Get a life.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol lirun, nice one.

Musafir, happy to clarify whenever I can :)

Anonymous at 12:28, thank you for sharing with us :)

Anonymous at 10:18, want some food?

kaya said...

What? there are people who say you cant put henna or lotions/creams if you are fasting.
Hey anonymous @ 10.18
"pole vaulting over mouse turds"?
My!You have recognition of some strange sports.

luckyfatima said...

when i saw this query, my thoughts were along the same lines as the anonymous mouse turd hurtler, just not as vivid.

CG said...

the cashier at toys 'r' us does not brush her teeth while fasting. It made me gag s badly, I didn't even bother to count my change.
Pulleeeeez all, brush your teeth.

Anonymous said...

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