Sunday, October 08, 2006


I had shared my experience of ramzan in Pakistan after a long time in my last posting. Jaydee had commented on it that first we can not force anyone to fast and second i should be more positive about Pakistan. I would like to make this the basis for my post today and would like you guys to give your inputs or comments with a serious thought to the points.
First in my post i had written about how i saw some people not keeping their Fast and smoking at the airport and others drinking at other place that i saw. Jaydee has the view that we can not force anyone to fast. I agree with the point, you can not force someone to do anything in Islam. But what my objection was that back in the old days (6-7 years) there was a sense of respect you would not find people have a smoke or eating out in the open. It was confined to the house or even your own room. People have reasons for not fasting but if you are not fasting you had respect for others and you would not be proud of it.

Second point Jaydee commented was that i was being too harsh on Pakistani society, there are things happening in the middle east also, and i should take a positive point. My biggest conceren is that we as a whole nation and umah do not want to see our faults and point out to the others. If we are not self critical than we will not change. Ignoring a problem wont solve it and diverting attention wont help either. We have to admit that today where we stand is not a good place to be. We need to admit that there are faults in our society (not only Pakistan but Muslaim Umah as a whole) and we need to be critical of ourselves if we want to change things around.

I once had a discussion with a friend about problem in our society and he said a very nice point. He said a problem is always solved if we agree that there is a problem. If we keep on ignoring that there is no problem than we will not be able to solve it. There is nothing wrong in admitting that oue society has problems and than we start talking and thinking and discussing about it.


kaya said...

Exceelnt reply, and very good post.
Great job Rijju!

I didnt know you were going to write this post,otherwise I would not have commented on Jaydee's Im trying to be so modern and openminded, but I am actually showing my -living in a box-view.
It takes far more courage to criticise oneself then it does to criticise others.

RIJJU said...

thx kaya but i hope that who ever reads it not only starts thinking critically about one self but also try and solve such problems.

Lirun said...

i cant remember who wrote the book but it was case study on the world's most effective individuals and high performers generally.. and one of the most salient attributes that they all shared was the ability to criticise their own actions..

i couldnt agree more.. while circumstances can coincidentally change such that problems are diffused.. nothing can effectively and proactively be solved unless you address it at one level or another..


boo! said...

agree with rijju...

kaya said...

@ Lirun
umm mazel tov?

Abrahim said...

Excellent post Rijju.

Sometimes being patriotic is understood to mean overlooking obvious faults - 'My country - right or wrong' is being jingoistic.. not constructive.

In India as well, sometimes we are to pretend that all things are fine The issue of respecting Ramzan is also here... (nice fancy curtains are put on resturants in muslim areas but people can eat inside). Hoeever, being a multi-religious country, we dont mind others (non-muslims) eating and drinking. Infact, in my office, most of the employees are non-muslims and our office support (Elyas) has to constantly attend to their requirement of tea, coffee, lunch etc., even though he is fasting!!

To adapt ourselves to this is itself an exercise in patience and discipline.

Abrahim said...

Kaya... you seems to have a penchant for languages...


Musafir said...

Apply the thought to ourselves people. Just because one person does not look at things the way we look at them does not make them target to criticism. Self criticism also involves getting critised for being correct so that we may improve to become absolute. No point patting each other just because everyone makes the same point.