Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yes or No

Today when I logged on to the site and saw the yummmy yummy picture that the "Rebel" had put up, I got water in my mouth. I ask you please please do not put us in a test of patience any more. Tell me did you guys wanted to take that picture out of your screens or not and eat it? I know I wanted to. Like Daniel said he attacked his plate. I am in a similar position, what about you guys?


Anonymous said...

hello everyone! imust say that blog is just simply greeeeeeeaaat
i tell your stories to my family while all of us r having eftar my mum adores daniel and im a big fan of hannah
amazing how ppl you ve never seen or even known could be a part of your daily thoughts
is it coz of the blog or coz of ramdan don't know really hehe!
as for ur question rajju i guess maybe coz i m got used to fasting (im 24 and i ve been fasting ramdan since i was about 8) so food is no more a temptaion i guess coz it's the first time in my life time to experinece ramadan in summer(in egypt it's still some how hot by day)so i actually jump into juices i drink and drink and drink by the time i get to eat i really feel so full
guys i would appreciate it if u put some recipes of your countries of origin it would be amazing to try some around an eftar table in egypt

Destitute Rebel said...

Anonymous -Thanks for your comment, We'r glad you enjoy the blog, keep comming back. About the recipies, a very good Idea, we will encourage the contributors to post some regional recipies. Kaya Aunty,hear that organize the recipie fest.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Anonmymous, glad to have you here. We always encourage our bloggers to post pictures and now hopefully upon your request there will be more inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

(from Hannah)

Aw, sweet of you to say, anonymous. I'm finding that by the time iftar comes I can't eat very much, especially if I've been cooking. I often find that cooking makes me less hungry. But I think my capacity for food has been diminishing too.

And yes, we want recipes!!

kaya said...

Oh well! I shall be smug in the fact that my kids can call u UNCLE! Ha there.

Welcome Ghada
What a wonderful idea to post some recipes.
@ Hannah
I think you are right, about that. By the time one finishes cooking , you dont want to eat anything anymore.
In our normal routine life we have our dinner at 6.30. So I guess apart from water or that morning cuppa there has not been much change, as no one eats lunch at my home. the kids gulp a glass of milk at breakfast and take tiffins to school.
Me I am happy with a tall glass of something cold to drink, and my CHAI!
Oh!What bliss.

Destitute Rebel said...

Kaya, sorry I didnt see the anger, I had already posted an aunty reply on boos post. lol

RIJJU said...

For you people in the summer regions i recommend Milk with grinded almonds. It has a realy good tast and keeps you cool.