Monday, September 25, 2006

Is it a true and good cleansing of the mind and soul?


This is the first time I am posting so if there are any mistakes please ignore them. My question to everyone is: in this time of today how much of cleansing does fasting really do? I have had friends who fast for the sake of fasting and it is like a duty to them that they have to do once a year for a month.

On the other hand there are people who do not fast at all saying they cannot keep themselves empty for so long. Then there are people who do fast but without the prayers, and as we know that fasting without prayer is as good as being simply hungry for the whole day.

So my question to you is; do you fast? And if you do how much does it cleanse your mind and soul at the end of the month or is it just a practice for a month which does not yield any results at the end of the day?

Your comments please.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Welcome rijju! Nice to have you here posting.

It would be nice if you could shortly introduce yourself, and your location etc for our readers to get a better picture :)

As with anything in life, be it prayer or fasting, it can be a meaningless exercise of going up and down five times a day unless you apply your soul and mind to it.

It is a struggle and one is easily distracted. One should try ones best to ones abilities and do what one can do.

People who fast but don't always pray should not be discouraged from fasting. There are one billion muslims out there...there is no way we are all gonna be the same and do the same. And God rewards us for what we try to do :)

Lirun said...

i think the cleansing is not just in the acts but also verymuch i nhow they combine with the mind and soul..

as a jewish boy - i will be fasting for yom kippur this weekend and i look fwd to the distinction of the occasion through separating myself from my mortal needs so i can think of things with a perspective that is above my regular impulses..

i also extend to you the wishes of my co-bloggers that can be found at

best wishes


Destitute Rebel said...

Rijju, welcome aboard, I think the cleansing of the mind and the soul depends totally on the the individual. I feel if someone is trying to follow the right path, if their heart is in the right place, even if their actions are not entirely there, they are doing the right thing.

To answer your question, for me persoanlly i feel even if someone doesnt fast or pray during ramadan, but feel the emotion, of giving, of helping or love towards humanity to do something good. Cleanse their mind and their soul. And God will reward them for that.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Lirun, Welcome! And happy Rosh Hashana!

Fasting is very much a non physical thing as well just like you said. How long is the yom kippur fast? And what timings are it?

Thank you and your co-bloggers for your well-wishes :) and many more to you all!

Lirun said...

thank you shasha ;)

yom kippur goes from sunset to sunset which works out to be around 25 hours to be on the safe side but we usually start a bit earlier so we can lead out with just water and finish later because you go to synagogue so it works out to be around 30 hours for some people..


the things we are not supposed to do are: eat drink wear leather shoes use perfume and have sex..

the thing is the hebrew word for the commandment is "initem" which can easily be translated into self-torture.. but - hebrew is a tricky language and the same root for torture also comes from the words strength and so its hard to understand if the commandment is to torture your soul or to strengthen it or maybe to toughen it so you can judge more objectively how you have been and who you need to say sorry to..

either way - its an awesome process..

your kind wishes are well received..

hope to blog with you soon


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Lirun, thank you for explaining. I really had no idea how one fasted Ym Kippur and it is interestnig to see many similarities :)

Shasha? lol I see I have been nick named :)

Do you know the reason one shouldn't wear leather shoes?

kaya said...

Oii Shasha!

Hi Lirun.
25-30 hours huh. Wow! Thats a lot of time.
Is this a one day fast or do you need to repeat it.
Also i read somewher that you will not eat bread with yeast during this time. (unleavened bread)
Or eat simply salt water crackers. ( due to the alcohol present in fermentation).

Mashallah what a lovely online iftaari.

kaya said...

Hello Rijju.

This is what I feel personally. My sense of smell is very high , but what I have discovered with ramadan is all my senses are extraordinarily heightened.
I think this has to do with an awareness of depriving our body of things which during the day we take for granted. Even something like a glass of water.
So ther in itself is an act of cleansing, when you unburden yourself of worldy actions (ie taking things for granted).
When you cleanse you purify. Your mind is concentrating on your fast, and I feel even for those people who do not pray and walk with the tribe of proper fasting people(incl namaazz), that at some stage they realise they should also pray. At some level they are aware of this, and that means that they feely guilty.
Also Allah does not let any one's effort go to waste. Sometimes those who fast and pray are also spending the whole day backbiting and being abusive.
One never knows which "ädaa" (mannerism) will bring pleasure to Allah.
Nevertheless the preference is sawm with salaa. (praying and fasting)

Walking sister with flip flops said...


Well we do clean our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually.

By physically I mean when the body doesn't get all the eatings every five minutes, and in that way, we give the body a chance to heal itself from toxics that we just dangle in to our bodies all days, and instead.

Mentally, when we train ourselves to keep us motivated to fast, and tolerate the hunger, and the head aches for the cause of Allah.

We restrain to be patient and at the same time,we change our behaviours, which aren't always behavíours we are proud of, like swearing, talk rubbish, and talk behind others back. The fasting trains us to be more calm, and nicer to people amongst us.

And the last, but not the least, we get spiritually cleansed, hence the more hungry we get, and head aches, the more sins Allah takes away from us.

"This is WSIFF,in case you forgot"