Tuesday, September 26, 2006


During the ramadan, the blessing of Allah are plenty and everyone gets his/her share of it. One thing that everyone gets or should get is his/her favorite dish to eat at the time of iftar. I for one like to have a lot of things for my iftar from sweet custard to spicy samosa. But the one thing i must have is good date to open my iftar. I would like to know what do you prefer for iftar?


Walking sister with flip flops said...

As salamu aleykum! Well where shall I begin? I agree with you, good dates is my first priority to break the fast with, but also with a glass of milk, yummy!

And then let's see....Harira! The Morroccan national Ramadan dish. It's a thick soup containing chick peas, lentils,small meat pieces, tomatoes, small broken spaghettis and much more.

And the we have "msemen", which is a sort of a pancake, but not the typical pancakes with syrup, no no no.....One bakes it just like bread, but you fold it many times until it becomes a small tiny square. Then you bake it on a frying. You eat it with melted honey and butter.

Milkshake is a must! And by that I mean milkshake made of dates or avocado. Healthy,delicious and outstanding!

I'm getting hungry now and it's 7 hours left to go....

kaya said...

@ Walking sis -I gotta tell you I love your name :)
I dont like dates very much, but will have one because of its significance.
Back to my "BONG" (bengali) shop on Electra. (ROSOGOLLA), I like the kaala channa( bengal gram) and this pakora they make with ground daal and finely sliced onions.
But this year we have decided to totally shun all fried things, and are having soup and salad for itaar, skipping dinner and then having roti/paratha with aloon ki bhaji, shammi kebabs, yoghurt for suhoor.
I feel much better instead of being bloated and miserable all evening.
We have decided we will do the desi iftaar scene on the weekends.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh I love harrira and msemen!!!!

For me dates, and a plate of fruit. I like milk with my dates as well.

Kaya... shammi kababs for sehri!!! pagli yeh kya cheez hai? Shammi kabaabs sehri me nahi khate hai. Having said that, yaar, shammi kababs bohot mazedaar hai! lol

Destitute Rebel said...

Usually for Sehri I have a couple of eggs with bread and cheese, and frosties with milk.

For Iftaar it all depends where I am, If im out I usually have the platter that I posted a couple days back. If I'm at home I have spring rolls, dahi ballas, small samoosas, sandwiches, noodles and a thousand other things, lol.

@Walking Sister with flip flops, Milk shake made from dates and avacado, never had that, must try it.

@Kaya, shami kabob for sehri, no wonder your ulcers act up.

kaya said...

Who told u ?
You SBCD (swedish born confused desi)!
Ofcourse we eat shammi kebabs at sehri.
Pakhair aaghlay!!

kaya said...

Tum bhi DREB!!!
(et tu Dreb)
Abbay yaar we talking shaami kebabs, cooked on tawwa, and not deep fried, with anda coating lahori style.( Ya allah!!!)

kaya said...

@ I tried the cereal thing, but i dont think gluten products suit me. I get nasty heartburn from digestives, muesli, weetabix, porridge and the likes.

Diligent Candy said...

I love iftari buffets.... all of it...yum yum yum!

Syed Sibgatullah said...

For Sehri, I have a paratha with a fried egg or any curry that was cooked for dinner the night before :). Alongwith that, I have a bit of custard too.

Iftaar has lots of pakoras and samosas. I love those pakoras that are filled with potatoes. The green chilli filled pakoras are great too, but you can't have it every day as it will wreak havoc with the stomach. Then there usually is orange juice or squash, but today I plan for Rooh Afza. And fruit chaat is a must for every iftaar.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I want paraaathaaas!!

D candy, iftari buffets can be dangerous! Too much good stufffff! I tell you, food is my vice.

Kaya, pakheer pakheer, sanga chal de?

Walking sister with flip flops said...

Thanks Kaya...Walking sis sounds good too...lol.....but tell me kababs for sehri...isnt't it "heavy", you know, u do sleep after sehri...don't you think it's hard then waking up after a kabab sehri...I'll let my mother know that now she's not alone...standing in the kitchen at 4am frying minced meat.

@SS come by and have some harira and msemen! Maybe if you're lucky we'll have beghrir and shebbakia!

D reb! Try the milkshake, begin first with just dates. If you like it then mix dates and avocado ......Masha'Allah!

kaya said...

Uff u lot!
Shammi kebabs are like small little tikyas. I dont know what size u guys are going on about. They are very light with hardly any spices, green corainder and made with meat and channa daal ground together.
And you dont even need a lot of oil to fry them. Less than u would put in for frying eggs thats for sure.
No I cannot go back to sleep after sehri, as I have to get up 2 hours later anyway to start with getting kids ready for school, dropping them off. Two kids and both have schools in opposite directions.
Yesterday I had an egg for sehri and the whole day had eggy burps!
(for those who are novices to the term TMI. Its TOO MUCH INFORMATION)

kaya said...

What did I say and tum nay kya kaha.
Waisay shammi kebab and CHAPPLI kebab mai bohat faraq hai.

11 pm, mennu bhukk laggi hai.

RIJJU said...

Reading about all the dishes just makes the fasting that more fun. Atleast now i have something new to look farward to at the iftar like the milk shake i have never tried.